• Architecture


    • Architectural Design
    • Feasibility Study
    • Building Contract Administration


    • For any Typologies


    The realm of architecture and design are without limits.  From your bedroom apartment, standalone house that caters generations of family members, offices that challenge the definition of work, galleries, parks with wild habitats to any kinds of public space.  We cater for all kinds of typologies, but most importantly we know that good designs are ones that are functional, engaging and pleasurable.


    We have no convention or set rules, but each of our design goes through a vigorous process of analysis, research and experimentation before arriving at a solution.  We take care to listen to the needs of our client and we employ a proven quality management system written by the RIBA from the United Kingdom.

  • Interior Design


    • Residential
    • Retail Outlets
    • Offices
    • Restaurants
    • Schools & More


    • Full Interior Design - Concept to Construction
    • Project Management
    • Furniture Design
    • Home Decoration


    Whether designing for your home, shop or office, we are able to offer valuable insights and advice owing to our background in architecture.  Through understanding more about you, we would use your requirements and stories as the focus of our inspirations.  We listen to your feedback as the project progress to drive designs forward and by combining the functional needs with contemporary minimalism in all aspects from detailing to the touch of the material, we believe we can arrive at a solution that is most tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Events


    • Stage Design (Wedding or Conferences)
    • Floral Arrangement or Wedding bouquet
    • Event Decoration


    Events are about presenting yourself to the world, it needs to have the right energy, it needs to define your personality and it needs to speak for its presence.  We can provide designs from concept to its realisation for your wedding, baby shower, birthday party, surprise party or even your forgotten anniversary.  We offer unique design advice from a spatial point of view and therefore we are able to deliver unparalleled experiences dedicated to serving your needs.

  • Letterpress & Calligraphy


    • Business Cards
    • Wedding Paper
    • Invitation Cards
    • Celebration Tags
    • Graphics & Illustrations Design
    • Envelope Addressing & More


    Traditional Letterpress and Calligraphy can add so much value to your messages.  They are an extra layer of touch that enhances the moment when you present yourself.  We can create tailored designs to deliver impact, portray stories you wish to tell and present messages that represents you best.  These special moments are important, come and see how we can help.

  • Pro Bono Charity Work


    • All of the services above & in any combination


    We strongly believe that our ability to design and manage projects are gifts that allow us to make meaningful impacts to our society, it's our duty & responsibility to help those who are underprivileged.  If you have any thoughts that can utilise our skills to help, you are most welcomed to submit your project ideas, however we do have to carry out assessments for each project before we can be in a position to fully engage with offering pro bono services.