Our Philosophy

Sensearchitects is a multi-disciplinary design practice.  We believe INTERACTION and COMMUNICATION are at the centre of our thinking and design ethos.   Our aim is to envision and discover architecture and design, whether interior, furniture or product related that initiates conversations, creativity that triggers moments of touch, cultural examination and historical reflection.   Our work ranges from buildings all the way to your letterpress.  We have a responsibility to listen, observe and care for both our environment and end users as to strive for architecture and designs that function with the test of time.  Our goal is to be part of the social fabric that endeavours to continually push boundaries, challenge and innovate with regards to the current and past state of affairs to fulfil the primitive needs of well-being.

Experiment & Materialism

Experimental work is at the heart of the practice, we believe in searching for answers with tests and hands on experiments, finding new directions through the challenge of limits.  We touch and visualise in order to navigate through space; materials therefore become one of the bridge between our perception and understanding of the surroundings.  Different materials alter the  various colours and tone of light enter our eyes, allowing us to sense the impact of the space one is present in.  Material and light are both sensual mediums of architecture, crucial elements of design that uplifts spatial qualities.


Architecture and design are limitless, we continually push boundaries and go beyond realms that has not been exploited, whether in construction technology, spatial typologies or architectural interventions.  Not only for the cities and the developed world, but also third world developing countries where the force of architecture can be utilised to aid the helpless.  Research is important to us, it enables us to challenge and define the meaning of architecture, a driving force for innovative work within our practice.